My name is Radovan Katrenčik, aka Djkáťo. Since I was a child it fascinated me how they manage to create those beautiful, 3D animated films and make them so real. Around the same time, my big brother was buying a house, and thought he could design his own house after reconstruction. He used this program called Sketchup, and when I peaked over his shoulder and looked at what he has made, my eyes sparked. It was love at first sight. I didn't care that they were just squares. They were so well placed it made a believable house model. With a huge wave of inspiration and curiosity I asked my brother what the program was called. After doing some research I found it, downloaded it and used it. I have still no idea how to use it to this day, but I clicked buttons and it made stuff, so I clicked more and it did more stuff. Before I only used the computer to play videogames, which also led me to build a computer. I played them first on my parents' company computers, which were super cheap and slow. I asked my dad if he could buy me my own computer, but he refused. Only for my own money I could buy one, but I didn't have much. round 70€, for what one can't even buy an old, prebuilt computer. I kept begging him to give me more money so I could buy one, but he kept on refusing, said that if I want a computer and don't have the money for a new one, I should build myself one. Thanks to that I've built dozens of computers of many ages. I even ended up taking care of my local schools computers, and help the IT teacher take care of pc's in the elementary school I went to. Thanks to this experience, I already had a quite useful machine I've spent all my money on, and could limitlessly work on the so desired 3D that took my breath away. Days have passed, and after some time I started noticing how it was limiting to only use blocks for "modeling". I did what every person who grew up on the internet would do, and ask papa Google. Many things I found. Many lists I've read through, many reviews and top 10s listened to. I came to the conclusion that Maxon's Cinema 4D is made for me. And in and out of weeks and almost over a year or two have passed. I wanted to concentrate more on PC art, and so I did.

And to this day I keep on learning what ever my brain so desires

What programs do you use?


3D Design

Flat Design


Premiere Pro

Cinema 4D


FL Studio

After Effects

Octane Render



Davinci Resolve

Substance Designer